Switching Off The Time Display - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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How to use the clock functions
• After a function has been selected, the corresponding function indicator
flashes for about 5 seconds. During this period, the desired times can be set
using the
• When the desired time has been set, the function indicator continues to flash
for approx. 5 seconds. After that the function indicator is then lit. The set time
begins to run.
• Press any of the buttons to stop the audible signal.
• The desired oven function and temperature can be selected before or after the
clock functions Cook time
• When the cooking process is completed, turn the oven function dial and the
temperature selector back to the OFF position.

Switching Off the Time Display

By switching off the time display you can save energy.
Switching off the time display
Press and hold down any two buttons until the display becomes dark.
Switching on the time display
Hold down any button until the time reappears in the display.
The display can only be switched off if none of the clock functions Cook time
End time
or Countdown
and End time
is in use.
Using the Oven
are set.


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