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Electrolux 41056VH User Manual page 29

Free standing electric cooker


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General Instructions
• Insert the tray with the bevel at the front.
• With Conventional
to one another on the oven shelf at the same time. This does not significantly
increase baking time.
When frozen foods are used the trays inserted may distort during cooking. This
is due to the large difference in temperature between the freezing temperature
and the temperature in the oven. Once the trays have cooled the distortion will
disappear again.
How to use the Baking Tables
The tables give the required temperature settings, baking times and oven shelf
levels for a selection of typical dishes.
• Temperatures and baking times are for guidance only, as these will depend on
the consistency of pastry, dough or mixture, the amount and the type of bak
ing tin.
• We recommend using the lower temperature the first time and then if neces
sary, for example, if a deeper browning is required, or baking time is too long,
selecting a higher temperature.
• If you cannot find the settings for a particular recipe, look for the one that is
most similar.
• If baking cakes on baking trays or in tins on more than one level, baking time
may be extended by 10 15 minutes.
• Moist recipes (for example, pizzas, fruit flans, etc.) are baked on one level.
• Cakes and pastries at different heights may brown at an uneven rate at first. If
this occurs, please do not change the temperature setting. Different rates
of browning even out as baking progresses.
• Your new oven may bake or roast differently to your previous appliance. So
adapt your normal settings (temperature, cooking times) and oven shelf levels
to the recommendations in the following tables.
With longer baking times, the oven can be switched off about 10 minutes before
the end of baking time, to make use of the residual heat.
Unless otherwise stated, the values given in the tables assume that cooking is
started with the oven cold.
or Fan cooking
Uses, Tables and Tips
you can also bake with two tins next


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