Pan Drawer - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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Cleaning and Care

Pan drawer

The pan drawer underneath the oven can
be removed for easier cleaning.
Removing / Replacing the pan drawer
1. Pull the pan drawer out of the cooker as far
as possible.
2. Lift the pan drawer slightly, so that it can
be lifted upwards at an angle out of the
drawer guides.
3. When re inserting the drawer, make sure
that the pan drawer's middle guide enga
ges into the middle guide rails.
4. Lower the pan drawer to the horizontal
and push it in.
Warning: When the oven is in use, heat
can build up in the pan drawer. For this
reason, do not keep flammable things in
there such as e. g. cleaning materials, plas
tic bags, oven gloves, paper, etc.
On no account store oven cleaning
sprays there!


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