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Free standing electric cooker
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Safety instructions
Information on acrylamides
According to the latest scientific knowledge, intensive browning of food, espe
cially in products containing starch, can constitute a health risk due to acryla
mides. Therefore we recommend cooking at the lowest possible temperatures
and not browning foods too much.
How to avoid damage to the appliance
• Do not line the oven with aluminium foil and do not place baking trays, pots,
etc. on the oven floor, as the heat that builds up will damage the oven enamel.
• Fruit juices dripping from the baking tray will leave stains, which you will not
be able to remove. For very moist cakes, use a deep tray.
• Do not put any strain on the oven door when open.
• Never pour water directly into the oven when it is hot. This could cause dam
age to or discoloration of the enamel.
• Rough handling, especially around the edges of the front panel, can cause the
glass to break.
• Do not store any flammable materials inside the oven. These could ignite
when the oven is switched on.
• Do not store any moist foods inside the oven. This could damage the oven
• After switching off the cooling fan, do not keep uncovered dishes in the oven.
Moisture may condense in the oven interior or on the glass doors and may get
into the units.
Note on enamel coating
Changes in the colour of the oven's enamel coating as a result of use do not af
fect the appliance's suitability for normal and correct use. They therefore do not
constitute a defect in the sense of the warranty law.


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