Oven Ceiling - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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Cleaning and Care

Oven Ceiling

The upper heating element can be folded down to make it easier to clean the
oven ceiling.
Folding down the heating element
Warning: Only fold down the heating ele
ment when the oven is switched off and
there is no risk of being burnt!
1. Remove the side shelf support rails.
2. Grip the heating element at the front and
pull it forwards and out over the support
lug on the inner wall of the oven.
3. The heating element will now fold down.
Caution: Do not use force to press the
heating element down! The heating ele
ment might break.
Cleaning the oven ceiling
Repositioning the heating element
1. Move the heating element back up towards
the oven ceiling.
2. Pull the heating element forwards against
the spring pressure and guide it over the
oven support lug.
3. Settle it onto the support.
4. Insert shelf support rail.
Important: The heating element must be
positioned correctly and securely on both
sides above the support lug on the inner
wall of the oven.


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