Instruction On Setting Up; Setting Up; Making The Appliance Level - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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Instruction on setting up

Important! The new appliance may only be installed and connected by quali
fied personnel.
Please observe this instruction, otherwise the warranty will not cover any dam
age that may occur.

Setting up

• In the units or furniture surrounding the appliance, veneers or plastic coatings
must have been made up using heat resistant bonding agents (100°C). If plas
tic coatings or cements are not sufficiently heat resistant, the coating may be
deformed or loosened.
• The appliance may be installed up against tall units or walls on one side only.
• The distance between the cooking surface and the cooker hood must as a
minimum be as great as that indicated in the installation instructions for the
cooker hood.
• If the appliance is being placed on a base, measures must be taken to prevent
the appliance from sliding off the base.

Making the appliance level

Underneath the appliance there are
4 adjustable feet, which can be used to
even out small unlevelnesses in the floor.
1. Remove the pan drawer.
2. Turn the adjustable feet to make them
higher or lower as required, until the cook
er is standing level.
3. Re insert the pan drawer.
The adjustable feet are easier to turn, if the
cooker is tilted slightly to take the weight
off the foot.
Instruction on setting up


Table of Contents

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