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Free standing electric cooker
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Dear Customer
Thank you for choosing one of our high quality products.
With this appliance you will experience the perfect combination of functional
design and cutting edge technology.
Convince yourself that our appliances are engineered to deliver the best per
formance and control indeed we are setting the highest standards of excel
In addition to this you find environmental and energy saving aspects as an inte
gral part of our products.
To ensure optimal and regular performance of your appliance please read this
instruction manual carefully. It will enable you to navigate all processes perfect
ly and most efficiently.
To refer to this manual any time you need to, we recommend you to keep it in a
safe place. And please pass it to any future owner of the appliance.
We wish you much joy with your new appliance.
The following symbols are used in this user manual:
Important information concerning your personal safety and information on
how to avoid damaging the appliance.
General information and tips
Environmental information


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