Baking - Electrolux 41056VH User Manual

Free standing electric cooker
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Uses, Tables and Tips


Oven function: Fan cooking
or Conventional
Baking tins
• For Conventional
dark metal and non stick tins are suitable.
• For Fan cooking
bright metal tins are also suitable.
Oven levels
• Baking with Conventional
is possible on one oven level.
• With Fan cooking
you can bake on up to 3 baking trays at the same time:
1 baking tray:
e.g. oven level 3
1 cake tin:
e.g. oven level 1
2 baking trays:
z. g., oven levels 1 and 3
3 baking trays:
oven levels 1, 3 and 5


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