Electrolux EK 6714 Instruction Booklet
Electrolux EK 6714 Instruction Booklet

Electrolux EK 6714 Instruction Booklet

Gas and mixed fuel cookers
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Gas and mixed fuel cookers
Mod. EK 6714 - 6735 - 9710 - 9711 - 9714 - 9715 - 9735


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  • Page 1 Gas and mixed fuel cookers INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Mod. EK 6714 - 6735 - 9710 - 9711 - 9714 - 9715 - 9735...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    ENGLISH Important Safety Information It is very important that this instruction book should be kept safely for future consultation. If the appliance should be sold or given to another person, please ensure that the booklet goes together with it, so that the new owner can know of the functions of the machine and also be aware of the warnings.This warnings has been given for the safety of you and others.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Instructions for the user Instructions for the installer Gas connection Important Safety Information Dimensions of the appliance Adaptation to different kinds of gas Using the cooker hob Insertion possibility Technical data Hints and tips Using the Gas oven Electrical connection Using the Electric Oven Something not working Suggestions for the use of the gas burners...
  • Page 4: Using The Cooker Hob

    Using the cooker hob Control knobs on the gas hob A - Burner Cap B - Burner crown C -Spark generator D - Thermocouple FO 0204 Ignition of hob burners Fig. 1 5 seconds During cooking, when using fats or oils, take particular care as they can, when over- heated, self-ignite.
  • Page 5: Hints And Tips

    Hints and tips Pottery Fig. 4 Hotplates Fig. 5 In models supplied with a cover, if it is made of glass, it should not be closed when the burners are still hot, as it could splinter.
  • Page 6: Using The Gas Oven

    Using the Gas oven (EK 6714- 9710 - 9711 - 9714 - 9715) Ignition seconds For manual ignition: Fig. 6 FO 2481 5 seconds Ignition of the oven burner must be carried out with the oven door open. When cooking with the oven or grill, the cover must be kept open to avoid over-heating.
  • Page 7 Oven light switch Fig. 10 Mechanical minute-minder End of cooking programmer FO 2124 Switch A FO 0375 Switch B Manual operation Programmed operation of the oven FO2280 Fig. 11 FO 2326 Fig. 12 FO 0158...
  • Page 8: Using The Electric Oven

    Using the Electric Oven (EK 6735 - 9735) Oven Function and Thermostat Control knob (Fig. 13) Explanation of symbols: FO 2294 Traditional cooking Fig. 13 FO 2144 Defrosting Grilling Mod. 9735: Cooking with the bottom Operation pilot light (Red light) element Oven thermostat pilot light (Yellow light)
  • Page 9: Suggestions For The Use Of The Gas Burners

    Suggestions for the use of the gas burners Suggestions for the use of the oven Traditional cooking Fan cooking FO 0061 Fig. 14 Cooking with the multi-function oven For the cooking of meat Advice for use of the traditional oven (gas and electric) For the cooking of cakes...
  • Page 10 the piece has a strip of fat on one side only, put it in The formation of smoke caused by drops of juice and the oven with this side upwards; when melting the fat fat can be avoided by pouring l or 2 glasses of water will grease the lower side sufficiently.
  • Page 11: Cooking Tables

    Cooking tables Inserting slide* Cooking Temperature Kinds of food time in °C Ordinary Gas oven minutes electric oven Beaten mixture cakes in moulds Pastry Leavening dough cakes in moulds Small cakes Lasagne Meat Poultry Game Vegetables Fish Pizza Grill * The number of the slide refers to the lowest one (excepted the position on the bottom of the oven, since the dripping pan can't be inserted).
  • Page 12: Electric Oven

    Cooking tables Electric oven N. Guiderom Temperature °C bottom Type of cooking Quantity kg Conv. Trad. Conv. Trad. Time Minutes Cakes Meat Casseroles Fish Flans Defreezing...
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    Maintenance Appliances Width 60 cm Before each operation, disconnect the unit. Cleaning the oven FO 0287 Appliances Width 90 cm Controls - Sundries Fig. 15 FO 0424 Cylinder holder Oven lamp replacement FO 0967 Fig. 16 Cleaning the oven door Fig.
  • Page 14: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the installer Installation THE MANUFACTURING COMPANY DECLINES FO 0063 Fig. 18 ANY RESPONSABILITY FOR POSSIBLE DAMAGES RESULTING FROM INSTALLATION WHICH DOESN'T COMPLY WITH THE RULES IN FORCE Installation Environment Positioning FO 0064 Fig. 19 Levelling Balancing the lid Warning! The crystal lid can splinter when overheated.
  • Page 15: Gas Connection

    Gas connection IMPORTANT Connection using a rigid pipe or a flexible metal pipe FLEXIBLE RUBBER GAS PIPELINE ELECTRIC WIRE Connection using flexible, non metal pipe FLEXIBLE RUBBER GAS PIPELINE ELECTRIC WIRE FO 0163 Fig. 20 FO 0698 Fig. 21...
  • Page 16: Adaptation To Different Kinds Of Gas

    Adaptation to different kinds of gas Upon completion replace the rating plate with the relevant one (supplied with the appliance) for the new type of gas supply. Replacement of rubber pipe holder LPG preset range: Fig. 22 FO 0067-B Natural gas preset range: Replacement of nozzles and adjustment Nozzle replacement:...
  • Page 17: Insertion Possibility

    Replacement of grill burner nozzle Fig. 26 Minimum level adjustment of oven burner Natural gas adjustment: full opening width — — The oven burner doesn't need any primary air LPG adjustment: opening 10 mm wide regulation. Adjustment of thermostat by- pass pin WARNING FO 1061...
  • Page 18: Technical Data

    Technical data Specifications for hob burners and injectors TYPE BURNER INJECTORS NORMAL REDUCED NORMAL FEEDING OF GAS POWER POWER POWER PRESSURE 1/100 mm m bar Triple-crown 0,333 NATURAL Semi-rapid 0,45 0,190 Auxiliary 0,33 0,095 (Methane) Fish kettle burner 0,85 0,286 Triple-crown LIQUID Semi-rapid...
  • Page 19: Electrical Connection

    Electrolux Technical Assistance & Service model and serial number of the appliance. within 8 days of purchase, so that we can provide registration.

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