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  • Page 1 RKG500002W RKG500002X Cooker User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    16. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS..............28 WE’RE THINKING OF YOU Thank you for purchasing an Electrolux appliance. You’ve chosen a product that brings with it decades of professional experience and innovation. Ingenious and stylish, it has been designed with you in mind. So whenever you use it, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get great results every time.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries or damage that are the result of incorrect installation or usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and accessible location for future reference.
  • Page 4 WARNING: Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or • oil can be dangerous and may result in fire. NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch • off the appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    ENGLISH for use as suitable or hob guards incorporated in the appliance. The use of inappropriate guards can cause accidents. 2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Make sure that the parameters on the This appliance is suitable for the rating plate are compatible with the following markets: KZ RU UA BY electrical ratings of the mains power supply.
  • Page 6 • Make sure that there is air circulation can cause a mixture of alcohol and around the appliance. air. • The information about the gas supply WARNING! is on the rating plate. Risk of damage to the • This appliance is not connected to a appliance.
  • Page 7 ENGLISH other purposes, for example room heating. • Prolonged intensive use of the appliance may call for additional ventilation, for example opening of a window, or more effective ventilation, for example increasing the level of mechanical ventilation where present. 2.7 Internal lighting 2.5 Care and Cleaning WARNING! Risk of electric shock.
  • Page 8: Installation

    2.10 Disposal • Cut off the mains electrical cable close to the appliance and dispose of WARNING! Risk of injury or suffocation. • Remove the door catch to prevent children or pets from becoming • For information on how to dispose of trapped in the appliance.
  • Page 9 ENGLISH 3.4 Bypass diameters BURNER Ø BYPASS 1/100 mm Auxiliary 29 / 30 Semi-rapid Rapid Oven 1) Type of bypass depends on model. 3.5 Gas burners for NATURAL GAS G20 13 mbar BURNER NORMAL POW‐ REDUCED POWER kW INJECTOR MARK ER kW 1/100 mm Rapid...
  • Page 10 3.8 Gas burners for LPG G31 30 mbar BURNER NORMAL REDUCED POW‐ INJECTOR NOMINAL GAS POWER kW ER kW MARK 1/100 FLOW g/h Rapid 0.63 Semi-rapid 0.38 Auxiliary 0.85 0.31 Oven 0.78 Grill 1.65 3.9 Gas connection WARNING! When installation is...
  • Page 11 ENGLISH The gas supply ramp is on the rear side 3. Remove the injectors with a socket of the control panel. spanner 7. 4. Replace injectors with the ones 3.11 Adjustment to different necessary for the type of gas you use.
  • Page 12 Changing from natural gas to liquid gas 1. Fully tighten the bypass screw. 2. Put the knob back. Changing from liquid gas to natural gas 1. Unscrew approximately one turn the bypass screw position A. 2. Put the knob for the hob back.
  • Page 13 ENGLISH bypass screw dismount the control 7. Screw on slowly the bypass screw till panel before adjustment start. the flame becomes minimum and 3. With a thin and flat screwdriver adjust stable. the bypass screw A. 8. Put the knob for the oven functions The model determines the position of back.
  • Page 14: Product Description

    3.17 Levelling of the appliance This appliance is supplied with a main plug and a main cable. WARNING! The power cable must not touch the part of the appliance shaded in the illustration. Use small feet on the bottom of appliance to set the appliance top surface level with other surfaces.
  • Page 15: Before First Use

    ENGLISH 4.2 Cooking surface layout Auxiliary burner Semi-rapid burner Semi-rapid burner Rapid burner 4.3 Accessories • Grill deflector To protect the knobs when you use • Wire shelf the grill. For cookware, cake tins, roasts. • Storage drawer • Baking tray The storage drawer is below the oven For cakes and biscuits.
  • Page 16 6.1 Ignition of the hob burner If the burner accidentally goes out, turn the knob to Always light the burner the off position and try to before you put on the light the burner again after cookware. minimum 1 minute.
  • Page 17: Hob - Hints And Tips

    ENGLISH 7. HOB - HINTS AND TIPS WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. 7.1 Cookware WARNING! Do not put the same pan on two burners. 7.2 Diameters of cookware WARNING! Do not put unstable or WARNING! damaged pots on the burner Use cookware with to prevent spills and injuries.
  • Page 18: Oven - Daily Use

    8.3 Cleaning the spark plug 2. After you clean the pan supports, make sure that they are in correct This feature is obtained through a positions. ceramic ignition candle with a metal 3. For the burner to operate correctly, electrode.
  • Page 19 ENGLISH Oven safety device: Do not keep the knob for the The gas oven has a oven functions pushed for thermocouple. It stops the more than 15 seconds. If the gas flow if the flame goes oven burner does not light out.
  • Page 20: Oven - Clock Functions

    4. Release the spark generator button. 5. Keep the oven control knob in this position for approximately 15 seconds. Do not release it until the flame comes on. 6. Release the oven control knob. If the grill does not come on or if it...
  • Page 21: Oven - Hints And Tips

    ENGLISH Tray: Put the tray or deep pan on the shelf position. Make sure it does not touch the Do not push the baking tray back wall of the oven. all the way to the back wall of the cavity. This prevents the heat from circulating around the tray.
  • Page 22 12.5 Cooking times setting, cooking time, etc.) for your cookware, recipes and quantities when Cooking times depend on the type of you use this appliance. food, its consistency, and volume. Initially, monitor the performance when you cook. Find the best settings (heat 12.6 Consumer Institutes Table...
  • Page 23: Oven - Care And Cleaning

    ENGLISH Food Ther‐ Cooking Grilling Shelf Accessories mostat time (min) time (min) posi‐ posi‐ tion tion Swiss apple 50 - 60 baking tray 5 - 10 flan Baking in tins Cheesecake 80 - 100 1 tin (diameter: 26 cm) on wire shelf Madeira cake 95 - 105 tray on wire shelf...
  • Page 24 13.1 Notes on cleaning Clean the front of the oven with a soft cloth with warm water and a mild cleaning agent. 30° To clean metal surfaces, use a dedicated cleaning agent. Clean the oven interior after each use.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH 13.4 Removing the drawer 2. Slowly lift the drawer. 3. Pull the drawer out fully. WARNING! To install the drawer, do the above steps Do not keep flammable in the opposite sequence. items (such as cleaning 13.5 Replacing the lamp materials, plastic bags, oven gloves, paper or cleaning WARNING!
  • Page 26 Problem Possible cause Remedy The flame extinguishes im‐ Thermocouple is not heat‐ After lightning the flame, mediately after ignition. ed up sufficiently. keep the spark generator activated for equal or less than 10 seconds. The flame ring is uneven.
  • Page 27: Energy Efficiency

    • If it is possible, always put the lids on cooker. Refer to its user manual. the cookware. 15.3 Product information for ovens and Product Information Sheet* Supplier's name Electrolux RKG500002W 943003500 Model identification RKG500002X 943003501 Energy Efficiency Index 95.8 Energy efficiency class Energy consumption with a standard load, con‐...
  • Page 28: Environmental Concerns

    RKG500002W 41.0 kg Mass RKG500002X 41.0 kg EN 15181 Measuring method of the energy consumption of gas fired ovens. 15.4 Oven - Energy saving Residual heat When the cooking duration is longer than The oven has features which 30 min, reduce the oven temperature to...
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