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Connection To The Drainage System - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and connection
Connection to the drainage
The machine drains via a drain pump
with a delivery head of 1 metre*. The
drain hose must not be kinked as this
restricts drainage. The swivel elbow at
the end of the hose can be turned in
either direction, or can be detached if
required, with a sharp twist and pull.
If required, the drain hose can be
extended to a length of 5 m. The
necessary parts can purchased from
the Miele Spare Parts Department or
your Miele dealer.
* For a delivery head of more than 1 m
(up to a max. of 1.8 m) a replacement
drain pump will need to be fitted.
Please contact the Miele Spare Parts
Department or your Miele Dealer.
Drain hose connection:
1. Direct into a sink or basin:
Please note the following:
– Hook the hose over the edge and
– Make sure that the water can drain
away freely without hindrance.
Otherwise there is a risk of water
overflowing or of some of the drained
water being sucked back into the
2. Connected securely to a plastic
drain pipe with a rubber nipple.
There is no need to use a non-return
3. Connected securely to a standpipe.
4. Connected securely to a floor gully.
Please note:
Hose clip
End of the hose
^ Fit adapter
to the sink drain outlet
using nut
^ Attach the end of the hose
^ Use a screwdriver to tighten hose
up close to the nut.

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