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How To Wash Correctly; Brief Instructions - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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How to wash correctly

Brief instructions

The headings numbered
show the operating sequence and can
be used as brief instructions.
Sort the laundry
^ Empty all pockets.
Foreign objects (e.g. nails,
coins, paper clips, etc.) can cause
damage to garments and
components in the machine.
^ Badly soiled areas, stains etc. should
be cleaned as soon as possible,
preferably whilst still fresh. Spillages
should be carefully dabbed off using
a soft colourfast cloth. Do not rub!
Badly soiled areas can be pre-treated
with liquid detergent, stain removers
etc. first, following the manufacturer's
instructions. With particularly stubborn
stains ask your dry cleaner for advice.
, . . .
^ Sort the laundry by colour and by
Dark textiles often contain excess dye
and should be washed separately
several times before being included in
a mixed load. Always wash whites and
coloureds separately.
– Curtains: Remove lead weights first
– Underwiring and collar stiffeners:
– Knitted garments, trousers and
– Close any zips, fasten hooks and
– Fasten duvet covers etc. to prevent
Do not wash any items in this machine
which are specified by the
manufacturer as not washable on the
care label. (
If you use a solvent-based clean-
ing agent (e.g. one containing ben-
zene) to pre-treat a stain, make sure
that any plastic parts (e.g. buttons)
are protected, and that the cleaning
agent is rinsed off before washing the
garment in the machine.
Do not use solvent-based
cleaning agents in this machine.
care label. Most garments have a
textile care label in the collar or side
or place in a laundry bag.
Any loose wiring in bras, shirt collar
stiffeners, etc. should be removed or
sewn in.
jeans, T-shirts and sweat shirts: Turn
inside out, if recommended by the
eyes etc before washing.
small items from being rolled up
inside them.

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