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Installation Surface; Installing The Washing Machine; Removing The Transit Bars - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation surface

A concrete floor is the most suitable
installation surface for a washing
machine, being far less prone to
vibration during the spin cycle than
wooden floorboards or a carpeted
Please note the following points:
^ The machine must be level and
securely positioned.
^ To avoid vibrations during spinning,
the machine should not be installed
on soft floor coverings.
If installing on a wooden joist floor:
^ We recommend a plywood base
(at least 59x52x3 cm). The base
should span several joists and be
bolted to the joists and not only to the
floorboards. Check for the presence
of pipes and cables.
If possible, install the machine in a
corner, as this is usually the most stable
part of the floor.
If the machine is installed on a
raised plinth, it has to be secured
against slippage during spinning
using retaining clips (available from
the Miele Spare Parts Dept).
Otherwise there is a danger of the
machine moving about.
Installation and connection

Installing the washing machine

To manoeuvre the machine out of its
packing case to its installation site hold
it by the edge of the lid where it
protrudes to the rear of the washing
machine as well as by the handle
recesses at the front.
Ensure that the machine feet and
the floor are dry to prevent the
machine from slipping during the
spin cycle.

Removing the transit bars

^ To remove the left and right covers
1. Use a screwdriver to prise out the
cover as illustrated.
2. Pull the cover forwards to remove.

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