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Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual page 9

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Textiles which have been
pre-treated in solvent based cleaning
agents must be thoroughly rinsed in
clean water before being washed in the
Never use solvent based cleaning
agents, e.g. those containing benzene,
in this machine, as this may result in
damage to component parts and create
toxic fumes. Such agents also pose a
fire and explosion hazard.
Never use solvent based cleaning
agents, e.g. those containing benzene,
to clean the outside surfaces of this
machine. They can cause damage to
plastic surfaces.
Only use dyes specified by the
manufacturer as being suitable for use
in a domestic washing machine. Always
observe the manufacturer's instructions
Colour run and dye removers
contain sulphur compounds which can
cause damage such as corrosion. Do
not use these products in this machine.
If liquid detergent comes into
contact with the eyes, rinse them
thoroughly with lukewarm water imme-
diately. If swallowed, seek medical
assistance immediately and retain the
packaging or label for reference. Those
with skin problems or sensitive skin
should avoid their skin coming into
contact with liquid detergent.
Warning and Safety instructions
Only remove laundry from the
washing machine once the drum has
stopped turning. Reaching into a
moving drum is extremely dangerous
and could result in injury.
Accessory parts may only be fitted
when expressly approved by Miele. If
other parts are used, guarantee,
performance and product liability
claims will be invalidated.
Miele cannot be held liable for
damage caused by non-compliance
with these Warning and Safety

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