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The Wash Programme Stops And A Fault Indicator Light Comes On - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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The wash programme stops and a fault indicator light comes
The Check drain light
flashes. "– – –" appears
in the display.
The Check inlet light
flashes. "– – –" appears
in the display.
The Check inlet and
Check drain lights are
flashing. "– – –"
appears in the display.
The Soak/Pre-wash or
Rinses indicator light is
flashing. "– – –"
appears in the display.
To switch off the fault indicator: switch the washing machine off with the
I-On/0-Off button and turn the programme selector to Finish.
Possible cause
The water outlet is
The drain hose has
been fixed too high.
The water inlet is
The filter in the water
inlet hose is dirty.
The water protection
system has reacted.
There is a fault.
Problem solving guide
Clean the drain filter and the
drain pump as described in
"Problem solving guide -
Opening the drum door in
the event of a blocked drain
outlet and/or power failure".
The maximum delivery head
is 1 m.
Open the stopcock.
Clean the filter.
Call the Service Department.
Start the programme again.
If the fault indicators occur
again, contact the Service

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