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Correct Use - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Warning and Safety instructions
This washing machine may only be
used in mobile installations such as
ships if a risk assessment of the
installation has been carried out by a
suitably qualified engineer.
Do not make any alterations to the
washing machine, unless authorised to
do so by Miele.

Correct use

Do not install your washing machine
in rooms where temperatures below
freezing may occur. Frozen hoses may
burst or split. The reliability of the
electronic control unit may be impaired
at temperatures below freezing point.
Before using the washing machine
for the first time, check that the transit
bars at the rear of the machine have
been removed (see section on
"Installation and connection"). During
spinning, a transit bar which is still in
place may result in damage to both the
machine and adjacent furniture or
Turn off the stopcock if the machine
is to be left for any length of time (e.g.
holiday), especially if there is no floor
drain (gully) in the immediate vicinity.
Flooding danger.
If hooking the drain hose into a wash
basin, check that the water can drain
off quickly enough to prevent the sink
from overflowing. Make sure the drain
hose is secure, so that the force of the
water flowing out of the hose does not
dislodge it.
Take care to ensure that foreign
objects (e.g. nails, pins, coins, paper
clips) do not find their way into the
machine with the laundry. These may
damage components of the machine
(e.g. suds container, drum), which in
turn can result in damage to the
If the correct amount of detergent is
dispensed, the machine should not
need to be descaled. If, however, you
do wish to descale the machine only
use proprietary non-corrosive descaling
agents and strictly observe the
instructions on the packaging. A
special descaling agent is available to
order from Miele or via the internet on

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