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Garment Care Label Symbols - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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The figure quoted in the bucket is the
maximum temperature the garment
can be washed at. The number of
bars under the symbol indicate the
level of agitation permitted.
No bar under the symbol:
= normal agitation
One bar under the symbol:
= reduced agitation
Two bars under the symbol:
= much reduced agitation
Hand wash (if no temperature
is specified use the lowest
temperature or cold)
Do not wash
The number of dots indicates the
drying temperature
Normal temperature
Low temperature
Do not tumble dry

Garment care label symbols

The number of dots indicates the
ironing temperature
Hot iron (max sole plate temp.
approx. 200°C)
Medium hot iron (max sole
plate temp. approx. 150°C)
Cool iron (max sole plate
temp. approx. 110°C). Do not
steam iron garments carrying
this symbol.
Do not iron
Professional cleaning
Dry clean only. The letters
indicate the type of cleaning
agent required.
Professional Wet Clean only
Do not dry clean
Any oxidising bleaching
agent can be used
Only use an oxygen based
bleach or a non-chlorine
Do not bleach

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