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Memory Function - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Programmable functions

Memory function

If an additional option is selected for
a programme, and / or the spin
speed is altered, the machine stores
these changes in memory at the start
of a programme.
When that particular programme is
chosen again, the washing machine will
display the additional option(s) and / or
spin speed which have been stored for
that programme in the memory.
The washing machine is delivered with
the memory function deactivated.
Follow steps
and store in memory.
Before you begin, first ensure that:
– The washing machine is switched off.
– The machine is properly closed.
– The programme selector is at Finish.
to programme
Press the Start button and keep it
pressed in whilst carrying out steps
- .
Switch the machine on with the
I-On/0-Off button.
Wait until the Start button indicator
light comes on . . .
. . . and then release the Start
Turn the programme selector to
Minimum iron 60°C:
A P will flash in the display alternating
with the number 0 or 1.
0 = the memory function is
1 = the memory function is
Press the Start button to change the
display from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0.
Switch the machine off with the
I-On/0-Off button.
The setting you have selected is now
stored in memory and will remain so
until you alter it.

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