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Water Softeners; Washing With Several Components - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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The right amount to dispense will
depend on the following:
– The quantity of laundry.
– The soiling level of the laundry.
Lightly soiled
No visible dirt or stains. Possibly
slight body odour.
Normally soiled
Visibly dirty and/or just a few slight
Heavily soiled
Visible dirt and stains and/or dried on
– The water hardness level.
Check with your local water supplier
if you do not know the hardness level
in your area.

Water softeners

A water softener can be used to cut
down on the use of detergents in hard
water areas. Dispense according to the
amount specified on the packaging.
First add detergent and then the water
Miele branded water softening tablets
are available from the Miele Spare Parts
Department or via the internet on
Use a quantity of detergent as for soft
Miele do not recommend connecting
the machine to a household water
Washing with several
If you wash using several components
(e.g. special application detergents),
we recommend always dispensing the
agents into compartment
following order:
1. Detergent
2. Water softener
3. Stain remover
This way the agents are distributed
more evenly.
in the

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