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The Drum Door Does Not Open When You Press The Door Button; Opening The Drum Door In The Event Of A Blocked Drain Outlet - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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The drum door does not open when you press the Door button

Possible cause
The machine is not
connected to the
electricity supply and / or
is not switched on.
Power cut.
The door was not
correctly engaged.
There is still water in the
drum and the machine is
unable to drain.
For safety reasons the drum door cannot be opened if the suds temperature is
higher than 55°C.
Insert the plug in the socket and switch on and / or
switch the machine on with the I-On/0-Off button.
Open the drum door as described in "Opening the
drum door in the event of a blocked drain outlet
and/or power failure".
Press hard against the lock side of the drum door
and then press the Door button.
Clean the drain filter and the drain pump as
described in the next section.
Problem solving guide

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