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Before Using For The First Time - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Before using for the first time

Before using the machine for the first
time ensure that it is correctly
installed and connected. See
"Installation and connection". Also
check that the drain filter is securely
tightened. Otherwise there is a risk
of water leakage during use.
This washing machine has
undergone a thorough functional test
in the factory and there will be some
residual water in the drum from this
For safety reasons spinning is not
possible until the machine has been
prepared for using for the first time. To
activate the spinning function you must
run a wash programme without laundry
and without detergent.
Using detergent could result in an
excessive build-up of foam.
This also activates the ball valve. The
ball valve prevents detergent escaping
from the suds container into the sump
during a wash programme, thus making
maximum use of the detergent.
^ Open the stopcock.
^ Press the I-On/0-Off button in.
^ Turn the programme selector to
Cottons 60°C.
^ Press Start.
When this programme has finished turn
the programme selector to Finish. Your
washing machine is ready for using for
the first time.

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