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Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual page 24

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Programme sequence
This washing machine has fully
electronic controls with automatic load
recognition. It takes in the right amount
of water required for the programme
depending on the amount of laundry
and its absorbency rate. This means
that programme cycles and durations
can vary.
The programme sequences outlined in
the chart are based on the basic
programme with a full load. Additional
options which can be selected have not
been taken into account.
The programme sequence display
shows the stage the programme has
Special features in the programme
At the end of every programme, with
the exception of the Woollens
programme, the drum continues to turn
at intervals for up to 30 minutes to help
prevent creasing. The door can be
opened and laundry removed at any
time during the anti-crease phase.
A second rinse is carried out when a
temperature of 60°C to 95°C has
been selected. A third rinse is
carried out when a temperature
below 60°C is selected.
A third/fourth rinse is carried out if:
– there is too much foam in the drum
– a spin speed lower than 700 rpm has
been selected
– No
has been selected
A third rinse is carried out if:
has been selected

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