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Fabric Conditioners And Liquid Starch; Automatic Dispensing Of Fabric Conditioner Or Liquid Starch To Laundry At The End Of A Programme; Adding Fabric Conditioner Or Starch Separately; Colour Run And Dye Removers / Dyes - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Fabric conditioners and liquid
Fabric conditioners make garments soft
to handle and help prevent static cling
when tumble drying.
Starch stiffens and gives body to items
of laundry, e.g. shirts, tablecloths and
bed linen.
Automatic dispensing of fabric
conditioner or liquid starch to
laundry at the end of a programme
^ Add the fabric conditioner or liquid
starch to compartment
exceed the maximum level mark.
It will be automatically dispensed in the
last rinse. At the end of the programme
a small amount of water remains in the
fabric conditioner compartment
Adding fabric conditioner or starch
^ Dispense in accordance with
^ Add powder or viscous starch to
^ Add the fabric conditioner or liquid
^ Turn the programme selector to
^ Select a spin speed.
. Do not
^ Press the Start button.
Colour run and dye removers /
^ Do not use colour run or dye
^ Dyes suitable for use in domestic
If starching frequently, the dispenser
compartment and especially the
siphon tube and fabric conditioner
channel will need regular cleaning to
remove any residual starch. See
"Cleaning the detergent dispenser
drawer". Do not add powder starch
formulations or viscous liquid starch
to the
compartment as it will clog
up. See below.
manufacturer's instructions on the
starch to compartment
Separate rinse/Starch
removers in this washing machine.
washing machines can be used.
However, please note that the salt
used in the dyeing process can
cause corrosion to stainless steel
components in the machine if you
dye frequently. Always observe the
manufacturer's instructions carefully.

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