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Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual page 63

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"UltraWhite" detergent
This multi-purpose powder detergent
has excellent stain removal properties
and is suitable for white and light
coloured laundry as well as heavily
soiled coloured items.
"UltraColor" detergent for coloured
This liquid detergent is particularly
suitable for cleaning coloured and dark
garments. The special formulation
offers effective stain removal, even at
low temperatures, while helping to
prevent colours fading.
Optional accessories
Liquid detergent "For Delicates"
This liquid detergent is ideal for the
gentle treatment of delicate fabrics,
such as wool and silk. Its special
formulation cleans effectively at
temperatures as low as 20°C, while
protecting the colour of your delicate
Fabric conditioner
The Miele fabric conditioner will give
your laundry a fresh, natural fragrance.
It makes garments soft to handle and
prevents static build-up during tumble

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