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Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual page 18

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How to wash correctly
Start the programme
^ Press the flashing Start button.
The estimated programme duration will
show in the display. During the first
10 minutes the washing machine
measures how much water is being
absorbed by the laundry. The
programme duration may be longer or
shorter depending on this absorbency
Remove the laundry
Only remove laundry from the
machine once the drum has
stopped turning. Reaching into a
moving drum is extremely
dangerous and could result in injury.
When the programme has finished, the
Anti-crease/Finish indicator light will
come on.
^ Press the Door button to open the
drum door.
^ Remove the laundry.
Check that all items have been
removed from the drum. Items left in
the drum could discolour other items
in the next wash or become
discoloured themselves.
^ Check the folds in the door seal for
any small articles, e.g. buttons which
might be lodged there.
^ Press and release the I-On/0-Off
button and turn the programme
selector to Finish.
^ Close the drum door. Otherwise there
is the danger of objects being placed
inadvertently in the drum. If these
remained unnoticed and were
washed in the next load, they could
damage the laundry.

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