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Washing Environmentally And Economically; Energy And Water Consumption; Detergent; Choosing The Correct Additional Option (Short, Soak, Pre-Wash) - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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Energy and water consumption

– Water consumption and energy
usage are determined by the size of
the load.
To make the most out of your
machine, load the maximum dry load
for the programme you are using.
– Use the Automatic and Express
programmes for small loads.
– When smaller amounts of laundry are
washed using the Cottons
programmes, the automatic load
recognition system will reduce the
amount of water, time and energy
used. This may mean that the time
left shown in the display is adjusted
during the course of the wash
– Using the Cottons 60°C programme
instead of the Cottons 95°C
programme will give energy savings
of between 35% and 45%. This is
sufficient for most levels of soiling.
For stubborn or old stains, use the
Soak option.
– Use the additional option Soak
instead of Pre-wash. If Soak is
followed immediately by a main
wash, the same suds are used.

Washing environmentally and economically


– Do not exceed the amounts of
detergent recommended by the
manufacturer on the packaging.
– Reduce the amount of detergent with
smaller loads (approx.
the amount recommended can be
used when washing a half load).
Choosing the correct additional
option (Short, Soak, Pre-wash)
– A wash programme together with the
Short option for light to normal soiling
where there are no obvious marks.
– A wash programme without any
additional options for normal to
heavy soiling with visible staining.
– A wash programme together with the
Soak option for heavily soiled
– The Pre-wash additional option for
laundry with large amounts of dirt
(e.g. dust, sand).

When drying with a tumble dryer

Selecting the highest possible spin
speed for the wash programme will
save energy when drying in a tumble
dryer afterwards.
less than

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