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Additional Options; Short; Pre-Wash; Soak - Miele Distinction 3000 Operating Instructions Manual

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You can use the additional option
buttons to augment the basic wash


For light to nomal soiling with no
visible staining.
The duration of the main wash is
In the Dark garments and Denim
programmes, 2 rinses will be carried
out instead of 3.


For laundry with large amounts of dirt
e.g. dust, sand.


For heavily soiled and stained items
with protein stains (e.g. blood, fats
and oils, cocoa).
– A length of time of between 30
minutes and 2 hours can be
programmed in 30 minute
increments for the soak process.
– The default setting is 2 hours.
To programme in a different soak
period see "Programmable functions –

Additional options

Water plus

If you want to increase the water level
for a wash process you can choose one
of four settings for the Water plus
button. See "Programmable functions -
Water plus system".
The machine is set at the factory so that
the water level in the main wash and
rinses will be increased if the Water
plus button is pressed.

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