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HP Rx2620-2 - Integrity - 0 MB RAM Manual: Application Event Log Messages

Windows integrity npartition guide.
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Table 6-1 nPartition commands messages (continued)
Cannot read <info>.
Unable to read <info>.
Unable to get <info>.
No information available for
<Component> information
LED operation on <component>

Application Event Log messages

Due to limitations in the Microsoft WMI implementation, some of the error message data returned
by the nPartition provider are not transmitted through the WMI server to the client command
when the error occurs. However, under Windows, the provider logs the error data in the
Application Event Log (AEL). Additional information about an error is obtained by examining
the most recent entries logged by the nPartition provider in the AEL.
Access the AEL from the context menu of the My Computer desktop icon. Select My Computer
> Manage, and when the application opens select System Tools > Event Viewer > Application
in the left hand pane. Select the desired entry in the right hand pane and then select Properties
from the context menu to see the message itself.
After retrieving the error message from the AEL, see the following table to locate that message
and see the recommended course of action. In some cases, additional information will follow the
general message shown in the table below.
Table 6-2 Application Event Log messages
Operation failed.
Firmware error.
Service processor error.
The power-on request could not be
satisfied because an N- power
condition would result.
The power-on request could not be
satisfied because an insufficient
cooling condition would result.
Timed out waiting for a response.
In most cases, these messages are
caused by lost datagrams over an
unreliable network connection. See
the AEL entry for more information.
<info> identifies the specific data that
is not available.
<component> identifies the specific
component for which data was not
Attempted to turn on or off an LED
that does not exist on the target
complex. Only Superdome servers
support all LEDs. Midrange
partitionable servers (like rx8620) do
not have cabinet or I/O chassis LEDs.
See the AEL entry to confirm this.
Request could not be completed.
System firmware failed to perform
the requested operation.
MP firmware failed to perform
requested operation.
There is insufficient system power to
service a cell that was specified to be
powered on.
There is insufficient system cooling
to service a cell that was specified to
be powered on.
Datagram was lost.
Recommended Action
Retry the command, or use a
management PC with a more reliable
network connection to the target MP or
This error might occur if -w and
-g options are used in the same
command. This condition should be
reported by the parstatus command
as a syntax error because there is never
a local partition when using the -g and
-h option combination.
Do not specify a non-existent LED.
Recommended Action
See additional information in AEL.
Add additional power supplies or
replace a defective power supply.
Add additional fans or blower units or
replace a defective fan or blower.
Retry command or use a management
PC with a more reliable connection to
the target MP or nPartition.
Error messages and corrective actions


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