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If Your Pc Workstation Has A Hardware Problem; The Hp Hardware Diagnostics Utility - HP Kayak XA User Manual

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3 Troubleshooting Your PC Workstation

If Your PC Workstation Has a Hardware Problem

If Your PC Workstation Has a Hardware Problem
This section describes what to do if you have problems with your
display, disk drives, printer, accessory board(s), keyboard, or mouse.

The HP Hardware Diagnostics Utility

The HP Hardware Diagnostics utility helps you diagnose any hardware-
related problems with your PC Workstation. The utility is either
preloaded on your hard disk as part of the HP TopTOOLS application,
or is available on the World Wide Web at:
The utility consists of a set of tools that help you to:
Check the configuration of your system and verify that it is
functioning correctly.
Diagnose hardware-related problems.
Provide precise information to HP-dedicated Support Agents so that
they can solve any problems quickly and effectively.
To use the utility, you must first install it and then ensure that it is
ready for use. Information on how to do this is given in the Vectra
Hardware Diagnostics user's guide. You can download a PDF version
of this guide from the HP World Wide Web site listed above.
It is important that you use the latest version of the utility to diagnose
hardware-related problems. If you do not, HP-dedicated Support
Agents may request that you do so before offering support.
The latest version of the utility can be obtained from HP Electronic
Information Services, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. To
access these services, connect to the HP World Wide Web site listed


Table of Contents

Table of Contents