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Others - Panasonic AJ-LT85P Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic vqt7628 digital video cassette lap top editor operating instructions
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Video head cleaning
This laptop has an auto head cleaning function which automatically reduces the amount of dirt on the heads. However, for even
higher reliability, it is recommended that the video heads be cleaned every day.
Use the cleaning fluid designated by Panasonic.
The principle behind the formation of condensation is the same as that which causes droplets of water (condensation) to form
on the window panes of a heated room when it is cold outside. Condensation forms on the laptop or tape when it is moved to a
location with a significantly different temperature and humidity. More specifically, it forms when the laptop of tape is:
• Taken to a very steamy and humid location or into a room where the heating was just turned on.
• Taken suddenly from an air-conditioned room to a very hot and humid location.
In such cases, do not turn the power on immediately but leave the unit standing for about 10 minutes. When condensation has
formed in the unit, "d" appears on the counter section. Keep the power on and wait until "d" is cleared.
Before proceeding with maintenance, set the power switch to OFF and be sure to take hold of the power plug to disconnect the
power cable from the power outlet.
Use a soft cloth to clean the cabinet. To remove stubborn dirt, dilute some neutral detergent with water, dip a cloth into the solu-
tion, wring it out, and wipe away the dirt. Then wipe off any remaining moisture using a dry cloth.
Do not place the video cassette on top of bed covers or carpet when in use.


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