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Panasonic AJ-LT85P Operating Instructions Manual page 64

Panasonic vqt7628 digital video cassette lap top editor operating instructions
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@ Set the REMOTE/LOCAL switch to the position (LOCAL) where the adjustment is to be made.
# Conduct the adjustments using a discrete source unit.
Any deviation in the set-up level, video level, chroma level or hue will cause color shifting in the recorder. Adjust them using
a discrete player.
1) Play back a cassette tape on which standard color bars have been recorded.
2) Adjust the controls in such a way that the waveform monitor (WFM) and vectorscope (VSC) achieve the following.
Å Video level: Adjust this to 100IRE.
ı Chroma level, hue: Adjust the two controls, and place the trace of the vector waveforms at the mark
Ç Set-up level: Adjust so that there is no deviation.
■Waveform on WFM
3) Conduct the same adjustments for the connected source unit.
$ Adjust the SYSTEM PHASE controls.
1) Play back the standard color bars on VTR1.
2) Adjust the SYSTEM PHASE controls of VTR1.
Adjust so that the waveform monitor (WFM) achieves the following.
1. In the INT mode, expand the waveform on the WFM to 0.1 s.
2. Check the H SYNC position.
3. Now set the WFM to the EXT mode.
4. In the EXT mode, adjust the SYSTEM PHASE (H SC FINE, SC COARSE) controls in such a way that the H SYNC sig-
nal is aligned with the position in 2.
■Waveform on WFM
(0.1μs expansion)
(Note the SYNC fall.)
■Waveform on VSC
In INT mode
In EXT mode



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