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Compatible Tapes - Panasonic AJ-LT85P Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic vqt7628 digital video cassette lap top editor operating instructions
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Align the cassette tape with the center of the loading slot, and push it in gently. It is then loaded automatically.
DV tape
(S cassette)
Cassette type
Consumer-use DV cassette
(S cassette)
M cassette
L cassette
<Precautions for playing back consumer-use DV tapes/DVCAM tapes>
• Consumer-use tapes can be used for playback only.
• Use tapes specially designed for DVCPRO applications with this unit. However, if DV tapes or DVCAM tapes are to be used in
the playback mode, it is recommended that playback be limited to as short a period of time as possible.
• Tapes recorded in the LP mode cannot be played back.
• Since consumer-use tapes cannot be used for recording, the laptop's functions related to recording as well as its REC and
other operations are disabled.
• Consumer tape FF/REW speed is VTR limited to ±32X. Slow motion playback is not possible with consumer cassette tape.
• In order to protect the tape, the maximum STILL TIMER for consumer tape is 10 seconds, and the available time for leaving
the tape in STILL mode is set at 1 minute.
• The read disable display for the time code may sometimes appear while consumer-use tape is being used in the search, slow
motion or still mode.
Casette adaptor
(AJ-CS750P, option)
This is exclusively designed for use in consumer-use cassette camera/recorder
units. It can be used with the laptop for playback only if the AJ-CS750P
cassette adaptor (option) is obtained.
If a consumer-use cassette tape is to be used, it must first be loaded into the
AJ-CS750P adaptor (optional accessory).
Use of Panasonic consumer DV cassette tapes is recommended.
Ensure that inserting such a tape directly without using the cassette adaptor
may cause trouble.
Recording/playback tape with a maximum length of 66 minutes
(AJ-P12MP, AJ-P24MP, AJ-P33MP, AJ-P46MP, AJ-P66MP)
Recording/playback tape with a maximum length of 126 minutes
(AJ-P34LP, AJ-P66LP, AJ-P94LP, AJ-P126LP)
M cassette
L cassette


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