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Panasonic AJ-LT85P Operating Instructions Manual page 67

Panasonic vqt7628 digital video cassette lap top editor operating instructions
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The superimposed displays can be changed using the set-up menus.
What is displayed:
One of four different displays can be selected using set-up menu item No.000 (DISPLAY SEL): 1) counter value only, 2) counter
value and operation mode, 3) counter value and shooting date, and 4) counter value and shooting time. However, the shooting
date and time are displayed only when playing back a tape which was shot using a DV or DVCAM camera recorder.
Setting whether the superimposed display is to appear on the liquid-crystal monitor:
Whether the superimposed display is to appear or not is selected in set-up menu item No.001 (LCD SUPER).
Characters displayed:
The background for the characters displayed can be changed in set-up menu No.002 (CHARA TYPE).
CTL counter display:
Either the 12-hour or 24-hour system can be set in set-up menu item No.003 (TAPE TIMER).
Besides these selections which are made using the set-up menus, the position where the superimposed characters are dis-
played can be switched to the top or bottom by pressing the COUNTER/REMAIN switch.
For details on the set-up menus, refer to pages 23 to 35.



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