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Introduction; Features - Panasonic AJ-LT85P Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic vqt7628 digital video cassette lap top editor operating instructions
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Thank you for purchasing this AJ-LT85 laptop editor.
This is a digital VTR using 1/4-inch tapes.
This laptop editor with its two digital VTRs features two mechanisms, two liquid-crystal monitors and editing control sections all
combined into a single editing package. This single unit can perform cut editing on its own while its compact size, light weight
and portability enable it to be taken anywhere with the greatest of ease.


• Compact size and light weight
This editing package comes with two digital VTRs.
Its compact size and light weight make the laptop extremely
portable so that it can be taken anywhere for ready opera-
tion on, for instance, an office desk.
• Cut editing
The two digital VTRs make it possible to conduct assemble
editing and insert editing (video, audio and time code sig-
nals exactly as desired). These types of editing can be per-
formed automatically.
• Transmission function
The sound and playback images of the two digital VTRs can
be transmitted from the output connectors provided for the
respective signals. This feature is ideal for forwarding edited
programs. (Refer to the system connection diagram.)
• Back-up recording
Back-up recording is enabled by the two digital VTRs. One
of the VTRs can be used for playback and the other for
recording. (Refer to the system connection diagram.)
• Recording duration of up to 126 minutes
Either M cassette tapes (max. 66 minutes) or L cassete
tapes (max. 126 minutes) can be used. In both cases, the
tape is one-fourth of an inch wide to achieve a compact
• Compatibility with consumer-use equipment
Consumer-use Mini DV cassette tapes which have been
shot using a consumer-use digital camera can be played
back on this laptop using the cassette adaptor (option: AJ-
• Liquid-crystal monitors
The laptop has two liquid-crystal TV monitors which support
the two digital VTRs. This enables the images to be easily
checked during the course of editing.
• Volume controls
Each of the digital VTRs provides volume controls for
recording and playing back the sound of two channels. The
level meters below the liquid-crystal monitors make it easy
to check the signal strength. There are also two speakers,
and the actual sound can be checked using the desired
combination of facilities.
• Functional I/O interfaces
Analog I/O: Each VTR is equipped with video and audio
I/O connectors.
9-pin remote connectors ( 2)
Each VTR comes with a 9-pin remote control connector to
enable remote control operations using an external controller.
VTR1 can also be switched so as to control an external
VTR. The unit can be used to control another VTR which is
equipped with a 9-pin connector and which serves as the
edit source unit so that editing can be performed on VTR2.
Time code input/output
One time code input line is provided. The time code genera-
tors of VTR1 and VTR2 can be synchronized to an external
time code. Time code output facilities are provided sepa-
rately for VTR1 and for VTR2.
• 2-channel sound
Each of the two sound channels can be edited separately.
Mix, swap and other functions can also be selected.
• Dial jog and shuttle
Edit points can be searched smoothly by manipulating the
jog dial. Shuttle is possible up to 32 times the normal tape
speed in the forward or reverse direction.
• Encoder provided
Each VTR has an encoder to adjust the output images.
These encoders can be used for forwarding and other appli-
• Editing of 100 events
One hundred programs can be registered. Their edit points
can be stored in the internal memory.
• Time code
This laptop incorporates a time code generator (TCG)/time
code reader (TCR) which can be used for time code editing.
• On-screen settings
Highly personalized functions can be set on-screen.


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