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3: Connecting The Video Components - Sony STR-DA3600ES Operating Instructions Manual

Multi channel av receiver.
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* If your TV is compatible with the Audio Return
Channel (ARC) function, the TV sound will
output from the speakers connected to the
receiver via the HDMI OUT jack. In this case, set
"Control for HDMI" to "ON" in HDMI settings
menu (page 119). If you want to select an audio
signal using other than an HDMI cable (e.g., via
an optical digital cord or an audio cord), switch
the audio input mode using INPUT MODE
(page 98).
** If you connect the receiver to the ARC
compatible TV's HDMI jack via an HDMI cable,
you do not need to connect the TV to the receiver
with the digital optical cord.
To enjoy TV multi channel
surround sound broadcasting
You can listen to TV multi channel surround
sound broadcasting from the speakers
connected to the receiver.
Connect the OPTICAL output jack of the TV
to the OPTICAL IN jack of the receiver, or
connect the HDMI input jack of the TV
compatible with the Audio Return Channel
(ARC) function to the HDMI OUT jack of the
• Before connecting cords, make sure to disconnect
the AC power cord (mains lead).
• Connect image display components such as a TV
monitor or a projector to the MONITOR VIDEO
OUT jack on the receiver. You may not be able to
record, even if you connect recording components.
• Turn on the receiver when the video and audio of a
playback component are being output to a TV via
the receiver. If the power supply of the receiver is
not turned on, neither video nor audio is
• Depending on the status of the connection between
the TV and the antenna (aerial), the image on the
TV screen may be distorted. In this case, place the
antenna (aerial) farther away from the receiver.
• The receiver has a video conversion function. For
details, see "Notes on converting video signals"
(page 33).
• The sound of the TV is output from the speakers
connected to the receiver if you connect the audio
output jack of the TV and the TV IN jacks of the
receiver. In this configuration, set the sound output
jack of the TV to "Fixed" if it can be switched
between either "Fixed" or "Variable."
3: Connecting the video
Connecting components with
HDMI jacks
HDMI is the abbreviated name for High-
Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an
interface which transmits video and audio
signals in digital format.
HDMI features
• A digital audio signals transmitted by HDMI
can be output from the speakers and the PRE
OUT jacks on this receiver. This signal
supports Dolby Digital, DTS, and Linear
PCM. For details, see "Digital audio formats
supported by the receiver" (page 78).
• Analog video signals input to the VIDEO
jack, or COMPONENT VIDEO jacks can be
output as HDMI signals. Audio signals are
not output from the HDMI OUT jack when
the image is converted.
• This receiver supports High Bitrate Audio
(DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD),
Deep Color (Deep Colour), x.v.Color
(x.v.Colour) and 3D transmission.
• The HDMI jacks of this receiver support the
Control for HDMI function.


Table of Contents

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