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There is no sound from digital sources
(from COAXIAL or OPTICAL input jack).
• Check the INPUT MODE (page 98).
• Check that the "2ch Analog Direct" is not
being used.
• Check to make sure the selected audio
(digital) input jack is not assigned to other
inputs in "Input Assign" in the Input menu
(page 99).
The source sound input from the HDMI
IN jack is not output from an amplifier
or the TV speaker connected to the
• Check that the component is connected
correctly to the HDMI IN jack for that
• Depending on the playback component,
component may need to be set up. Refer to
the operating instructions supplied with
the each component.
• Be sure to use a connecting cable for the
HDMI jack corresponding to High Speed
HDMI cable when you view images or
listen to sound during a 1080p, Deep
Color, or 3D transmission.
• Sound may not be output from the receiver
while the GUI appears on the TV screen.
Press GUI MODE to turn "GUI MODE"
The left and right sounds are
unbalanced or reversed.
• Check that the speakers and components
are connected correctly and securely.
• Adjust the balance parameters using the
Auto Calibration settings menu.
There is severe hum or noise.
• Check that the speakers and components
are connected securely.
• Check that the connecting cords are away
from a transformer or motor, and at least
3 meters (10 feet) away from a TV set or
fluorescent light.
• Move your TV away from the audio
• Make sure you have grounded the
U SIGNAL GND terminal (only when a
turntable is connected).
• The plugs and jacks are dirty. Wipe them
with a cloth slightly moistened with
There is no sound, or only a very low-
level sound is heard from the center/
surround/surround back speakers.
• Check that the speaker settings are
appropriate using the Auto Calibration
settings menu or "Speaker Pattern" in the
Speaker settings menu. And then check
that sound is output from each speaker
correctly, using "Test Tone" in the Speaker
settings menu.
• Select the "HD-D.C.S." sound field
(page 76).
• Adjust the speaker level (page 109).
• Make sure the center/surround speaker (s)
is (are) set to either "Small" or "Large."
There is no sound from the surround
back speakers.
• Some discs have no Dolby Digital
Surround EX flag even though the
packages have Dolby Digital Surround EX
There is no sound from the subwoofer.
• Check that the subwoofer is connected
correctly and securely.
• Make sure you have turned on your
• When all speakers are set to "Large" and
"Neo:6 Cinema," or "Neo:6 Music" is
selected, there is no sound from the
The surround effect cannot be
• Make sure the sound field function is on
(press MOVIE/HD-D.C.S. or MUSIC).
• Sound fields do not work when Dolby
TrueHD, DTS-HD, or Linear PCM signals
with a sampling frequency of 88.2 kHz
and higher are being received.


Table of Contents

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