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Philips HF3305/01 User Manual page 5

Bright light compact luxe
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Use the light of this appliance as an addition to the normal light
(sunlight, electric light) in your home. Do not use the appliance in a
room that is not illuminated by any other light source.
It is not advisable to look into the light too long.
After the first few lightbaths you may experience some eye strain
and/or a light headache.These side effects tend to disappear
Consult your doctor before you start using the Bright Light if:
- you (have) suffer(ed) from severe depression;
- you are hypersensitive to light (e.g. diabetics and epileptics);
- you have eye complaints;
- you are on specific medication (i.e. certain antidepressants,
psychotropic drugs or malaria tablets);
- you have high blood pressure.
If using the appliance causes you to become too active, we advise
you to reduce the light dose. If there is no improvement, we advise
you to consult your doctor.
If you feel exhausted, distressed or restless and/or suffer from
sleeping problems (e.g. insomnia) after having used the appliance, it
is always advisable to consult your doctor or psychotherapist.
Preparing the appliance for use
Place the appliance on a table top.
Put the plug in a wall socket (220-240V).
Switch the appliance on by turning the dimmer switch
NB: when you switch the appliance on, it will start at the highest light
intensity. After a few seconds, the light intensity will adjust itself to the
level you have selected.
Use the dimmer switch to adjust the light intensity.
Select the maximum setting for a light bath.
Select a lower setting if you want to use the appliance for normal
Taking a light bath
It is advisable to start using the Bright Light as soon as you feel the
winter blues coming on.

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