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Philips HF3321 User Manual

Golite blu energy light
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  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    EnglisH EnglisH Individuals who use photosensitizing medications, who have had cataract surgery, or who have pre-existing eye conditions should IMPORTANT SAFETY avoid unnecessary exposure to light. They should consult their ophthalmologist before using the goLITE BLU. INSTRUCTIONS The goLITE BLU should never be used adjacent to or stacked with other equipment.
  • Page 6: Symbol Key

    The goLITE BLU energy light may not be suitable for use on individuals who use photosensitizing medications, who have had cataract surgery, Serial Number HF3321 who have pre-existing eye conditions, or who have bipolar disorder. UL Listing Mark for Canada and the United States Thank you for purchasing the goliTE BlU energy light.
  • Page 7 EnglisH EnglisH light and health When to use the goliTE BlU energy light The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to time certain functions. Light exposure can boost mood and energy. Knowing what time to use the goLITE BLU energy light can mean the Light has direct alerting and energizing effects and can improve our difference between feeling better in just a few days instead of weeks, or performance.
  • Page 8: Installation

    EnglisH EnglisH installation The appliance turns on and the segments of the timer indicator go on and off in a rotating pattern. Remove the stand from the stand storage cavity (Fig. 2). The LED panel goes on at the low light intensity level. Insert the bevelled end of the stand into the hole on the back of Note: The appliance remains turned on in demo mode until it is turned off.
  • Page 9 Philips Electronics North America Corporation (USA) and Philips Electronics Ltd (CANADA) warrant each new Philips product, model HF3321 against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase, and agree to repair or replace any...
  • Page 10 EnglisH EnglisH defective product without charge. IMPORTANT: This warranty does not Question Answer cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, or the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product. Can I get No, the technology used in the goLITE NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ASSUMED FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL sunburn from BLU eliminates all UV light.
  • Page 11 Question Answer Can I use the For most people, it is sufficient to use the goLITE Model HF3321 goLITE BLU BLU once a day. Keep in mind that you may have Electrical more than once trouble falling asleep if you use the goLITE BLU too a day? late in the evening.
  • Page 12: Operating Conditions

    EnglisH Model HF3321 - Mode of operation Continuous Operating conditions Temperature from 0˚C (32˚F) to +35˚C (+95˚F) Relative humidity from 15% to 90% (no condensation) storage conditions Temperature from -20˚C (-4˚F) to +50˚C (+122˚F) Relative humidity from 15% to 90% (no condensation)