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Privacy Policy Considerations - IBM Power Systems EMX0 PCIe Gen3 Manual

Chassis management card for the i/o expansion drawer
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All IBM prices shown are IBM's suggested retail prices, are current and are subject to change without
notice. Dealer prices may vary.
This information is for planning purposes only. The information herein is subject to change before the
products described become available.
This information contains examples of data and reports used in daily business operations. To illustrate
them as completely as possible, the examples include the names of individuals, companies, brands, and
products. All of these names are fictitious and any similarity to actual people or business enterprises is
entirely coincidental.
If you are viewing this information in softcopy, the photographs and color illustrations may not appear.
The drawings and specifications contained herein shall not be reproduced in whole or in part without the
written permission of IBM.
IBM has prepared this information for use with the specific machines indicated. IBM makes no
representations that it is suitable for any other purpose.
IBM's computer systems contain mechanisms designed to reduce the possibility of undetected data
corruption or loss. This risk, however, cannot be eliminated. Users who experience unplanned outages,
system failures, power fluctuations or outages, or component failures must verify the accuracy of
operations performed and data saved or transmitted by the system at or near the time of the outage or
failure. In addition, users must establish procedures to ensure that there is independent data verification
before relying on such data in sensitive or critical operations. Users should periodically check IBM's
support websites for updated information and fixes applicable to the system and related software.
Homologation statement
This product may not be certified in your country for connection by any means whatsoever to interfaces
of public telecommunications networks. Further certification may be required by law prior to making any
such connection. Contact an IBM representative or reseller for any questions.

Privacy policy considerations

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or other technologies to collect product usage information, to help improve the end user experience, to
tailor interactions with the end user, or for other purposes. In many cases no personally identifiable
information is collected by the Software Offerings. Some of our Software Offerings can help enable you to
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This Software Offering does not use cookies or other technologies to collect personally identifiable
If the configurations deployed for this Software Offering provide you as the customer the ability to collect
personally identifiable information from end users via cookies and other technologies, you should seek
your own legal advice about any laws applicable to such data collection, including any requirements for
notice and consent.
For more information about the use of various technologies, including cookies, for these purposes, see
IBM's Privacy Policy at and IBM's Online Privacy Statement at the section entitled "Cookies, Web Beacons and Other
Technologies" and the "IBM Software Products and Software-as-a-Service Privacy Statement" at
Power Systems: Chassis management card for the EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer



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