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Verifying The Installed Part By Using The Hmc; Viewing Serviceable Events By Using The Hmc - IBM Power Systems EMX0 PCIe Gen3 Manual

Chassis management card for the i/o expansion drawer
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Verifying the installed part by using the HMC

If you have installed or replaced a part, use the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to update your
HMC records after you have completed a service action on your server. If you have reference codes,
symptoms, or location codes that you used during the service action, locate the records for use during
this procedure.
To verify the installed part, complete the following steps:
1. At the HMC, examine the service action event log for any open service action events. See "Viewing
serviceable events by using the HMC" for details.
2. Are there any service action events that are open?
No: If the system attention LED is still on, use the HMC to turn off the LED. See "Deactivating
LEDs by using the HMC" on page 54. This ends the procedure.
Yes: Continue with the next step.
3. Record the list of open service action events.
4. Examine the details of the open service action event. Is the error code associated with this service
action event the same as you gathered earlier.
v No: Select one of the following options:
– Review the other serviceable events, find one that does match, and continue with the next step.
– If the log does not match what you had gathered earlier, contact your service provider.
v Yes: Continue with the next step.
5. Select and highlight the service action event from the Error Associated With This Serviceable Event
6. Click Close Event.
7. Add comments for the serviceable event. Include any unique additional information. Click OK.
8. Did you replace, add, or modify a field replaceable unit (FRU) of the open service action event?
v No: Select the No FRU Replaced for this Serviceable Event option, and click OK to close the
service action event.
v Yes: Perform the following steps:
a. From the FRU list, select a FRU that you need to update.
b. Double-click the FRU and update the FRU information.
c. Click OK to close the service action event.
9. If you continue to have problems, contact your service provider.

Viewing serviceable events by using the HMC

Use this procedure to view a serviceable event, including details, comments, and service history by using
the Hardware Management Console (HMC).
To view serviceable events and other information about the events, you must be a member of one of the
following roles:
v Super administrator
v Service representative
v Operator
v Product engineer
v Viewer
To view serviceable events, follow these steps:
1. Choose one of the following navigation options depending on the interface type of the HMC:
v If you are using the HMC Classic or HMC Enhanced interface, in the navigation area, click Service
Management > Manage Serviceable Events.
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