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Repairing A Part By Using The Hmc; Verifying The Installed Part - IBM Power Systems EMX0 PCIe Gen3 Manual

Chassis management card for the i/o expansion drawer
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Repairing a part by using the HMC

You can use the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to complete many service actions, including
repairing a field-replaceable unit (FRU) or part.
1. Choose one of the following navigation options depending on the interface type of the Hardware
Management Console (HMC):
v If you are using an HMC Classic or HMC Enhanced interface, complete the following steps:
a. In the navigation area, expand Systems Management > Servers.
b. Select the managed system for which you want to repair a part.
c. In the Tasks area, expand Serviceability > Manage Serviceable Events.
v If you are using an HMC Enhanced + Tech Preview (Pre-GA) or HMC Enhanced+ interface,
complete the following step:
a. In the navigation area, click the Resources icon
b. Click the system name for which you want to remove a part.
c. In the navigation area, click Serviceability.
d. In the Serviceability window, click Serviceable Events Manager.
Note: You can also access Serviceable Events Manager option from the Actions list after selecting
the system.
2. In the Manage Serviceable Events window, specify the event criteria, error criteria, and FRU criteria. If
you do not want the results to be filtered, select ALL.
3. Click OK. The Manage Serviceable Events - Serviceable Event Overview window displays all of the
events that match your criteria. The information that is displayed in the compact table view includes
the following details:
v Problem number
v PMH number
v Reference code - click the Reference code to display a description of the problem reported and
actions that can be taken to fix the problem.
v Status of the problem
v Last reported time of the problem
v Failing MTMS of the problem
Note: The full table view includes more detailed information, including reporting MTMS, first
reported time, and serviceable event text.
4. Select a serviceable event and use the Selected drop-down menu to select Repair.
5. Follow the instructions to repair the part.
Note: The HMC might open IBM Knowledge Center instructions for repairing the part. If so, follow
those instructions to repair the part.

Verifying the installed part

You can verify a newly installed or replaced part on your system, logical partition, or expansion unit by
using the operating system, stand-alone diagnostics, or the Hardware Management Console (HMC).
Common procedures for removing or replacing the chassis management card
, and then click All Systems.



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