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Verifying The Repair From The Management Console - IBM Power Systems EMX0 PCIe Gen3 Manual

Chassis management card for the i/o expansion drawer
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1. Look for any new reference codes that might have occurred as a result of the service action that was
performed. To locate the error information in a system running IBM PowerKVM, complete the
following steps:
a. Log in as root user.
b. At the command line, type opal-elog-parse -s and press Enter.
c. Look for the most recent entry that contains a reference code.
Did a new reference code occur as a result of the service action that was performed?
v Yes: Continue with the next step.
v No: Continue with step 4.
2. The reference code description might provide information or an action that you can take to correct the
Use the search function of IBM Knowledge Center to find the reference code details. The search
function is located in the upper-left corner of IBM Knowledge Center. Read the reference code
description and return here. Do not take any other action at this time.
For more information about reference codes, see Reference codes.
Was there a reference code description that enabled you to resolve the problem?
v Yes: This ends the procedure.
v No: Continue with the next step.
3. Service is required to resolve the error. Collect as much error data as possible and record it. You and
your service provider will develop a corrective action to resolve the problem based on the following
v If a field-replaceable unit (FRU) location code is provided, that location must be used to determine
which FRU to replace.
v If an isolation procedure is listed for the reference code in the reference code lookup information,
include it as a corrective action even if it is not listed in the serviceable event view or control panel.
v If any FRUs are marked for block replacement, replace all FRUs in the block replacement group at
the same time.
Complete the following steps:
a. Record the reference code if available.
b. Record the error details.
c. Run the sosreport command to collect debug data.
d. Contact your service provider.
This ends the procedure.
4. Was a disk drive, solid-state drive, media device, or I/O adapter replaced when the system was
powered off?
v Yes: Perform Running diagnostics on an IBM PowerKVM system. This ends the procedure.
v No: Continue with the "Closing a service call" on page 37 procedure. This ends the procedure.

Verifying the repair from the management console

Perform these procedures to close problem numbers, clear hardware messages, and prepare the server to
return to the customer by using the management console.
Follow this checklist before performing the procedures:
v You return the server to the state that the customer normally uses, such as IPL type, IPL mode, and the
way the system is configured or partitioned.
v While you were performing the problem analysis on the original serviceable event, other
serviceable-event numbers might have been opened. Close all serviceable events that were opened as a
result of your service activity.
Power Systems: Chassis management card for the EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer



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