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Warranty - Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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Please thoroughly read the following product warranty descriptions before using this product.
1. Warranty Period and Warranty Coverage
If any failures or defects (hereinafter referred to as "failures") - for which Mitsubishi is held responsible - occur in the
product during the warranty period, Mitsubishi shall repair the product free of charge through sales representatives or
Mitsubishi Service Company. However, the customer shall be liable for all expenses required to send an engineer(s) for
onsite domestic or international repairs. Mitsubishi shall not be liable for any onsite re-calibration and test operations
involved in the replacement of failed modules.
[Warranty Period]
The warranty period of the product shall be for one year after the date of purchase or delivery to the designated place.
The maximum distribution period shall be six (6) months after product shipment from Mitsubishi, and the maximum
warranty period shall be eighteen (18) months after manufacture. The warranty period for repair parts shall not exceed
the warranty period before repairs.
[Warranty Coverage]
(1) A primary failure diagnosis should generally be performed at the customer's company. However, this can be
delegated to Mitsubishi or Mitsubishi's service network at the request and expense of the customer. In this case,
failures caused by Mitsubishi shall be free of charge.
(2) The operating condition/method and the operating environment shall be limited to cases where the product is being
used in normal conditions which follow the precautions and conditions described within the instruction manual, the
user's manual, and the caution label on the product, etc.
(3) The following cases shall NOT be free of charge even if the warranty period is still valid.
1. Failures due to improper storage or handling, carelessness or faults, as well as failures caused by the customer's
hardware or software designs.
2. Failures due to modifications performed on the product by the customer without prior consent from Mitsubishi.
3. Failures when Mitsubishi's products are mounted and used in the customer's devices, and could have been
avoided if the customer's devices had functions/constructions considered as safety mechanisms or industry
standards which should be provided according to the legal regulations the customer's device is subject to.
4. Failures which could have been avoided when servicing/replacing consumable parts specified in the instruction
manual, etc.
5. Failures due to external factors caused by force majeure such as fires, abnormal voltages, etc., as well as, natural
disasters such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, winds and floods, etc.
6. Failures due to causes which could not be predicted based on the level of science and technology at the time the
product was shipped.
7. Other failures found not to be the responsibility of Mitsubishi or admitted to be outside Mitsubishi's responsibilities
by the customer.
2. Onerous Repair Period after Production Discontinuation
(1) Onerous repairs shall be accepted by Mitsubishi for up to seven (7) years after the discontinuation of a product.
Production discontinuations shall be announced in Mitsubishi's Technical Bulletins, etc.
(2) The product shall no longer be supplied after the product has been discontinued (including spare parts).
3. Overseas services
For overseas purchases, repairs shall be accepted through Mitsubishi's FA center for each region. However repair
conditions for each FA center may differ.
4. Warranty liability exceptions for opportunity losses, secondary losses, etc.
Regardless of the validity of the warranty period, Mitsubishi shall not be liable for: incidences caused by events which
could not be attributed to the responsibilities of Mitsubishi; opportunity losses to the customer due to the failure of
Mitsubishi's products; profit losses; losses caused by foreseeable or unforeseeable special circumstances; secondary
losses; compensation for accidents; damages to products not from Mitsubishi; and compensation for replacement jobs,
the re-calibration of onsite machinery, start-up operations and other jobs done by the customer.
5. Products specification changes
The specifications given in the catalogs, manuals or technical documents are subject to change without prior notice.



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