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Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual page 15

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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• Water, oil, or fingerprints on the light emitting part and light receiving part of a sensor head refracts light. Dust and dirt on
them block light. Keep them clean at all times. When cleaning these parts, wipe them off using a soft lint-free cloth or lens
cleaning paper.
• Install the sensor head so that ambient light such as sunlight or light with the same wavelength as laser beam does not
enter the light receiver. If high accuracy is required, install a light shielding plate or the like on the sensor head.
• Do not use the product in dusty places or that exposed to flammable or corrosive gases, droplet, direct sunlight, severe
vibration, or impact.
Protective structure
Although the sensor head is waterproof, the control module and connectors are not structurally dustproof, waterproof, or
corrosion-resistant. Therefore, measurement underwater or in the rain is not allowed. Be aware of the usage environment.
Warming up time
Allow at least 30 minutes of warming up after emitted laser beam from a sensor head to ensure the performance of the sensor
Measures to reduce noise
• Install the product as far away as possible from noise source such as high-voltage lines, high-voltage device, power lines,
power device, machines which generate a large starting and stopping surge, welding machines, and inverter motor.
• Install the product as far away as possible from a wireless device that has a transmitter, such as an amateur radio device.
• Do not run the sensor head cable along (bundled in parallel) with other wirings. Keep it at least 100mm away from other
wires. Run the cable so that it is separate from high voltage and power circuit lines. If it is necessary to run the cable in
parallel with them, shield the cable by running it through a grounded electrical conduit.
1.1 Correct Usage Method



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