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Chapter 1 Before Using The Product; Correct Usage Method - Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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This chapter describes the installing method and connection method of the sensor head.

Correct Usage Method

Regarding execution and use of the sensor head, be aware of the following.
Installation environment
Do not install the product in the following conditions.
• Where the ambient temperature, ambient humidity, or ambient illuminance of light receiving surface is beyond the range of
specifications ( Page 12 Usage environment)
• Where dew condensation occurs due to rapid temperature change
• In an atmosphere of corrosive gas or flammable gas
• Where the product is exposed to dust, iron powder, and salt
• In an atmosphere which is likely to be exposed to organic solvent such as benzene, thinner, or alcohol, or to strong alkaline
materials such as ammonia or sodium hydroxide
• Where heavy vibration or impact is applied
• Where direct sunlight is received
• Where water, oil, or chemicals splashes
• Where load is applied to the product
Usage environment
■Ambient temperature
Use the sensor head within the specifications range of 0 to 45. ( Page 38 SPECIFICATIONS)
Store the product within the ambient temperature range of -20 to 70.
The life of the semiconductor laser depends on the ambient temperature during use. When using the product near a heat
source, take measures to lower the ambient temperature of the sensor head as possible. Install the sensor head on a device
having good heat radiation because the sensor head itself emits heat.
For MH11H110NA, when installing two sensor heads in parallel at a 20mm or less interval, install each sensor head on an
aluminum or iron plate having a 200 or more surface area.
■Ambient humidity
Use the controller within a range of 35% to 85% (RH).
Do not, however, use the controller in places where a drastic temperature change may result in dew condensation.
■Light receiving surface ambient illuminance
Use the system with illuminance of 3000lx or less at light receiving surface using an incandescent lamp.
1.1 Correct Usage Method



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