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Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual page 16

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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• Turn off the power of the programmable controller before connecting or disconnecting the connectors and any other
• When connecting or disconnecting the sensor head, be sure to hold the connector part of the sensor head cable not to
apply extra force to the cable.
• Be careful not to touch the terminals of disconnected connectors or to let foreign objects get in disconnected connectors.
• Be careful not to apply force to around the connectors of sensor head cable and extension cable for sensor head. Do not
bend the cables near connectors of the sensor head. Doing so causes disconnection of the cables.
• Fit the connector of the sensor head cable to the plug-in side of the connector.
■Sensor head cable
• Do not pull the cable using a force 29.4N or more when routing the cable with the sensor head and control module fixed.
Doing so may cause disconnection of the cable. At least 20mm is required from the cable connection to the bend. The
bending radius must be 30mm or more.
20mm or more
R30mm or more
• When moving the sensor head during operation, make sure that the cable is not bent while moving it.
■Extension cable for sensor head
• Use only one extension cable for sensor head for connection between one sensor head and a controller.
• When moving the sensor head during operation, use the replaceable extension cable for the bending part and movable
part. The bending radius of the extension cable must be 30mm or more for the fixed part, and 60mm or more for the
movable part. Do not apply tensile stress to the cable.
1.1 Correct Usage Method



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