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Conditions Of Use For The Product - Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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(1) Mitsubishi's laser displacement sensor must be used in applications which do not lead to serious accidents even in
cases where failure/nonconformity was unlikely to occur in the laser displacement sensor, as well as, application which
execute backup and failsafe functions in systems through external devices when a failure or defect has occurred.
(2) Mitsubishi's laser displacement sensor was designed/manufactured as a general-purpose product which was designed
for use in general industries, etc. Accordingly, the applications of Mitsubishi's laser displacement sensor shall be
exempt for usage in special applications such as devices and systems as stated below. In the unlikely event that it is
used, we bare no responsibility (includes, but is not limited to debt defaults, defective warranty, QA, illegal acts, and
product liabilities) for the quality performance, and safety of Mitsubishi's laser displacement sensor.
• Large applications which greatly affect the public such as, nuclear power plants operated by each power company and
other nuclear power plants
• Application which request Mitsubishi to construct special QA structures such as railway companies and government
• Application such as aerospace, medicine, railway, combustion-fuel system, passenger cars, manned transfer
equipment, entertainment devices, and safety devices that are expected to greatly affect lives, the body and
Mitsubishi's information desk should be contacted for more information as the laser displacement sensor may be
applicable at the discretion of Mitsubishi, on the condition that the application is strictly limited and special qualities
(exceeding the general specifications, etc.) are not required even in the above applications.



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