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Chapter 2 Specifications; General Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric MELSENSOR MELSEC iQ-R MH11H01A0SNA User Manual

Laser displacement sensor control module, sensor head
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This chapter describes the specifications for the sensor head and ND filter.

General Specifications

Operating ambient temperature
Storage ambient temperature
Operating ambient humidity
Storage ambient humidity
Vibration resistance
Shock resistance
Operating atmosphere
Operating altitude
Installation location
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree
*1 This indicates the section of the power supply to which the equipment is assumed to be connected between the public electrical power
distribution network and the machinery within premises. Category  applies to equipment for which electrical power is supplied from
fixed facilities. The surge voltage withstand level for up to the rated voltage of 300V is 2500V.
*2 This index indicates the degree to which conductive material is generated in terms of the environment in which the equipment is used.
Pollution degree 2 is when only non-conductive pollution occurs. A temporary conductivity caused by condensing must be expected
2.1 General Specifications
0 to 45 (No dew condensation or icing allowed)
-20 to 70
35 to 85%RH, no dew condensation
35 to 85%RH, no dew condensation
Frequency: 10 to 55Hz
Amplitude: 1.5mm
Sweep: X, Y, Z directions (120 minutes each)
196m/, X, Y, Z directions, 3 times each
No corrosive gas or flammable gas
0 to 2000m
Incandescent lamp: Light receiving surface illuminance of 3000lx or less
Do not allow ambient light, such as sunlight or light with the same wavelength as laser beam, to enter
the light receiving part.
 or less
2 or less



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