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Setting Lists Of The Remote Menu - Sony BVM-D24E1WU, BVM-D24E1WE, BVM-D24E1WA Operation Manual

Sony color video monitor operation manual.
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Setting Lists of the REMOTE Menu

This section explains the setting lists displayed in the
How to read the setting lists
• For purposes of explanation, each setting list is
preceded by a menu number. These numbers are not
displayed on the screen.
For more information about the menu number, see "About
menu numbers" on page 23.
• The arrow mark (÷) refers you to another setting list
that appears after you make the setting, or to an
operation that is carried out as a result of the setting.
When there is no arrow mark, the menu does not have
any sub-list.
[C2] REMOTE menu
Select the type of remote control.
REMOTE 1 CONFIG... : Set the address and group
number of the monitor controlled via the
REMOTE 1 (serial remote control) connector.
REMOTE 2 CONFIG... : Set the pin assignments for
the REMOTE 2 (parallel remote control)
connector. ÷[C22]
REMOTE 2: Select whether parallel remote control
will be used or not (ON or OFF).
[C21] REMOTE 1 CONFIG menu
Set the monitor address and group number.
MONITOR ADDRESS: Enter an address number.
GROUP ADDRESS: Enter a group number.
[C22] REMOTE 2 CONFIG menu
Select the REMOTE 2 connector pins for which you
want to change the function. The factory settings for
each pin are given below. ÷[C221]
1 PIN: CH01
2 PIN: CH02
6 PIN: unused
7 PIN: unused
[C221] 1-8 PIN menu (1/2)
Assign a function to the selected pin.
CH: Select a channel number. Enter the desired
channel number with the numeric keypad.
----: Set to unused.
UNDER SCAN: Set underscan on or off.
16:9: Set a 16:9 aspect ratio on or off.
H DELAY: Set the horizontal sync display on or off.
V DELAY: Set the vertical sync display on or off.
EXT SYNC: Set the synchronization to external sync
signals enabled or disabled.
COMB: Set the comb filter on or off.
APERTURE: Set the correction of frequency
characteristics enabled or disabled.
MONO: Set monochrome display on or off.
[C221] 1-8 PIN menu (2/2)
Assign a function to the selected pin.
BLUE ONLY: Set the blue signal pictures display
(monochrome) on or off.
R OFF: Set cutting red beams enabled or disabled.
G OFF: Set cutting green beams enabled or disabled.
B OFF: Set cutting blue beams enabled or disabled.
SAFE AREA ON: Set the safe area display on or off.
CAPTION VISION: Set Caption Vision on or off.
TALLY ON: Set tally signals on or off.
DEGAUSS ON: Set degaussing on or off.
POWER OFF: Set the monitor power on or off.
For the pin assignment, see "REMOTE 2 connector" in the
Location and Function of Parts on page 14.


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