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Ventilation Requirements - NEC MultiSync UN462A User Manual

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Do not mount this monitor with any tilt.
Do not mount this product face up, face down, or upside down for an extended period of time as it may cause permanent
damage to the screen.

Ventilation Requirements

When mounting in an enclosed space or recessed area, leave adequate room between the monitor and the enclosure to allow
heat to disperse, as shown below.

Allow adequate ventilation or provide air conditioning around the monitor, so that heat can properly dissipate away from
the unit and the mounting equipment; especially when you use monitors in a multiple screen configuration.
Mounting on ceilings

Ensure that the ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of the unit and the mounting equipment over time, against
earthquakes, unexpected vibrations, and other external forces.
Be sure the unit is mounted to a solid structure within the ceiling, such as a support beam. Secure the monitor using bolts,
spring lock washers, washer and nut.
DO NOT mount to areas that have no supporting internal structure. DO NOT use wood screws or anchor screws for
mounting. DO NOT mount the unit to ceiling or to hanging fixtures.
100 mm
100 mm
Must be under 40 Degree Celsius.
30 mm


Table of Contents

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